Herlandi de Souza Andrade


Herlandi is Professor at the Engineering School of Lorena (EEL) of the University of São Paulo (USP), where he develops, among others, the following functions: Coordinator of the Production Engineering Program, Coordinator of the Management, Engineering, Technology and Innovation Research Group (GETI), Chairman of the Commission for Innovation in Education (CIE) and Chairman of the Discipline Evaluation Commission (CAD). Also, he is the Financial Director of the Research and Education Support Foundation (FAPE). His research area is related to the Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, involving Intellectual Property, Commercialization and Transfer of Technology, Technology Roadmapping, Technology Forecasting, Technology, Technology Readiness Level, Management of Technology Transfer Offices, Organizational Strategy, Quality Management in Productive Systems and Innovation in processes teaching and learning. He has a Post-Doctorate by UNESP, a Doctorate and a Master of Science in the Post-Graduate Program in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering - Production Area, by ITA, MBA in Business Management by FGV, Specialization in Methodology and Management for Distance Education by AEDU and degree in Administration, Accounting and Informatics from UNITAU and AEDU. He has 26 years of professional experience, working in the areas of: quality management and strategic planning in the steel/metallurgical industry; strategic and operational management, continuing education and financial services in a consulting company; management of intellectual property in a public aerospace research institute; and teaching in the areas of Administration and Production Engineering.

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