The CDIO Implementation Kit

If you are just beginning to explore CDIO, we recommend that you read Rethinking Engineering Education – The CDIO Approach. It gives the background and overview of the approach, but it is not intended to be a “how-to” manual. This iKit provides the next level of detail in implementing a CDIO approach.

Hopefully, the materials will save time, allow you to achieve early successes, and help you to identify low-cost and sustainable approaches to engineering education reform.

Get Started

Here are some suggestions to get started:

Additional Resources

Resources in the Knowledge Library provide additional materials to help you adapt CDIO to your university. There, a wider set of materials on these topics is searchable by keyword, author and date.

For specific inquiries regarding the Worldwide CDIO Initiative, please send an e-mail to info [at] cdio [dot] org.

Although currently regarded as outdated, the implementation kit has previously been used to help universities kickstart their CDIO activities:

  • The CDIO Implementation Kit (iKit) is a set of papers and other materials that provide methods, tools, and models to help you implement a CDIO approach in your engineering education program. It is intended to assist with your adaptation of the CDIO approach to your own disciplines, universities, and national and regional requirements.
  • The iKit focuses on descriptions of methodology, case studies, and comparative benchmarking studies from engineering programs at universities who are currently members of the CDIO Initiative.  
  • The intended audience for the iKit includes program leaders, faculty, and instructional support staff working to adapt and implement the CDIO approach in their programs.
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