Hoa M. Nguyen

Vice Rector

Ph.D., 2013, Idaho State University 

Major/ Specialty: Engineering and Applied Science

Main research orientation
Automatic control systems, Fuzzy logic and Neural networks control systems, Wind energy conversion
systems, Model predictive control

List of research projects List all the research grants/ projects received the last 5 years

  1. Design a flesh-thickness dectecting and sorting device for makapunos. Project duration: 2018. Position: Principal investigator
  2. Examining and Analyzing the Impact of Operating Factors of Air Conditioning Systems on Energy Used in Buildings. . Project duration: 2017. Position: Principal investigator
  3. Advanced control strategies for wind energy conversion systems. Project duration: 2016. Position: Principal investigator
  4. Design thermal models and propose optimal energy management of Engineering and Technology Building,Tra Vinh University. Project duration: 2015. Position: Principal investigator
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