CDIO Projects in DTU’s B.Eng. in IT Study Program

CDIO Projects in DTU’s B.Eng. in IT Study Program

J. Sparsø, T. Bolander, P. Fischer, T. Høgh, M. Nyborg, C. Probst, et al (2011).  CDIO Projects in DTU’s B.Eng. in IT Study Program . 12.

Since the fall 2008 all B.Eng. study programs at the Technical University of Denmark have been based on the CDIO concept. The adoption of the CDIO standards and principles resulted in new or significantly revised study programs. As part of this effort design-build projects have been introduced on each of the first 4 semesters, and each semester-project spans several courses.

The aim of this paper is to describe the four CDIO semester projects in the B.Eng. in IT study, and – along with similar papers describing the other six B.Eng. programs – to provide documentation to accompany an exposition with stands providing additional information and with students demonstrating their projects. The paper is narrowly focused on the IT-study program.

At the time of writing this paper the students enrolled in 2008 have completed all four semesters in the new CDIO-based study plan, and the students enrolled in 2009 are currently in the process of finishing the 4th semester. Consequently, the paper is reporting on curriculum development which has been implemented, and for which experiences have gained. 


Authors (New): 
Jens Sparsø
Thomas Bolander
Paul Fischer
Thomas Kjærgård Hansen Stig Høgh
Mads Nyborg
Christian W Probst
Edward Todirica
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Design-Build Projects
CDIO-based study programs
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