2014 - Proceedings of the 10th International CDIO Conference

Proceedings of the 10th International CDIO Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 16-18 June 2014

Year: 2014

Editor: Ramon Bragos

Institution: Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona

Table of Contents

A case study on the Enhancement of Faculty Teaching Competencies in an Engineering Diploma

       Rajani Shankar and Sakunthalai Suppiah

A Faculty Teaching Competence Enhancement Model: A Mentoring Approach

       Solange Loyer and Nelson Maureira

A Generic Reference System Allowing Data-Fusion Within Continuous Improvement Processes of Engineering Education Programs

       Guy Cloutier and Daniel Spooner

A methodological strategy for active learning in multivariate analysis

       Alba Martinez-Ruiz and Cristian Cardenas-Oviedo

A New CDIO-Based Training Program for Advanced Degrees in Aerospace Engineering

       Clément Fortin, Jean-Paul Lemarquis, Stephen Yue, Yaoyao Fiona Zhao, Michael Kokkolaras, Karen Packwood

AAP-Card: An Innovative Method in Teaching and CQI for Large Classes

       Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi


       Concha Batanero, Salvador Otón, Jaana Holvikivi , Markku Karhu, Hector R. Amado-Salvatierra

Addressing Academic and Community Needs via a Service-Learning Center

       Patricio Cea, Manuel Cepeda, Mariella Gutiérrez and Marcia Muñoz

ADPT: An active learning method for a Programming Lab Course

       Claudia Martinez and Marcia Muñoz

Advising Students in Technical Projects - Recognizing Problem Scenarios

       Jakob Andreas Bærentzen and Karan Singh

Aiming to educate innovative engineers

       Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen and Olli Mertanen

An Approach to the Implementation Process of CDIO

       Gonzalo Ulloa, Norha Milena Villegas, Sandra Lorena Céspedes, Maria Paola Ayala and Andrea Ramírez

An Integrated Curriculum, Learning Assessment and Program Evaluation Model

       Luisa García, Alejandra González, Francisco Viveros and Gloria Marciales

An integrated learning model in collaboration with industrial partners

       Staffan Schedin and Osama A.B. Hassan

Analysis of a project course at a basic level for the engineering Program at University of Chile

       Ximena Vargas

Assessing the Maturity Level of Teamwork Capabilities through CDIO Projects

       Tien Vu Truong, Nguyen Bao Le, Duc Man Nguyen and Minh Thang Nguyen

Boundaries and bridges: a French translation of the CDIO syllabus

       Alison Gourvès-Hayward and Christophe Morace

Capstone Innovation Project –Pedagogical Model and Methods

       Riikka Kulmala, Mika Luimula and Janne Roslöf

CDIO as Curriculum Model for Education for Sustainable Development

       Sin Moh Cheah

CDIO spirit in introductory physics courses in engineering

       Haraldur Audunsson and Andrei Manolescu

CDIO, Networking and Collaboration in a Cross-Border Context

       Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa and Juha Kaarela

Chemical Product Design as Foundation for Education as Sustainable Development

       Katerina Yun Ee Yang and Sin Moh Cheah

Collaboration between courses in the interdisciplinary course Food Microbiology

       Tina Birk, Lars Bogø Jensen and Pernille Hammer Anderson

Complex Strategy of CDIO Initiative Implementation in a Regional Russian University

       Alexander Lunev, Anna Fedotova and Aleksey Rybakov

Computer Engineering Educational Projects of MIPT-Intel Laboratory in the Context of CDIO

       Grigory Rechistov and Arnold Plotkin

Curtin Robotics Club: Conceiving, Designing, Implementing and Operating Robots for Fun!

       Cesar Ortega-Sanchez

Demola, The Upcoming Win-Win Relationship Between University and Industry

       Daniel Einarson and Henrik Lundblad

Developing and Applying Rubrics for Comprehensive Capstone Project Assessment

       Flex Tio, Joelle Kong, Ryan Lim and Edmund Teo

Developing Tools for the Evaluation of Knowledge Building in Industrial Robotics Students

       Claudio Urrea and Manuel Vega

Differentiating Instruction of CDIO: in Layered Curriculum and Course View

       Wei Wei, Lilli Li, Jia He, Jin He and MingYuan Xie

Educational Program Evaluations: Rationalizing Assessment Models and Processes for Engineering Education Quality Enhancement

       Siegfried Rouvrais, Claire Lassudrie, Samia Ech-Chantoufi and Soukaina Bakrim

Effectiveness of Cultural Appreciation via Online Learning

       Sin Moh Cheah, W.P. Aaron Yuen and Nguyen Bao Le

Electrical Engineering design-build project: Class-D audio amplifier design and characterization

       Albert Oliveras, Francesc Vallverdú, José Adrián Rodríguez-Fonollosa, Sergio... 

Embraer High School: Engineering in the Preparation for College Program

       Paulo Lourenção, Agustin Navarra, Mirian Branco, Natasha Puntschart and...  

Engineering Profile Definition Based on the CDIO Model

       Maria Hilda Flores, Evelyn Melo, Alejandro Morales and Isabel Yel

Enhancing one’s teaching and learning approaches by benchmarking against CDIO education framework

       Claire Ng Huiting

EURECA: A unique approach for final year project at Taylor’s University

       Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi, Douglas Tong Kum Tien and Mushtak Al-Atabi

Evaluating effects of CDIO implementation on Diploma in Chemical Engineering

       Claire Ng Huiting

Evaluating the CDIO Self-Evaluation

       Jens Bennedsen, Fredrik Georgsson and Juha Kontio

Evolution and implementation of CDIO initiatives at ETSII-UPM

       Andres Diaz Lantada, Araceli Hernandez Bayo, Juan de Juanes Marquez Sevillano,...  

Experience of interviewing stakeholders

       Asrún Matthíasdóttir, Ingunn Sæmundsdóttir, Páll Jensson, Haraldur Auðunsson, Jónas Þór Snæbjörnsson and Þórður Víkingur Friðgeirsson

Experience the Relevance of Testing in Engineering Design Education

       Daniel Türk, Bastian Leutenecker and Mirko Meboldt

Exploration and practice of the CDIO engineering education reform control system

       Bo Dai, Liu Jiandong, Ji Wengang, Han Zhansheng, Liu Honglin, Bo Meng et al. 

First Evolution of the Introduction to Engineering course

       Ville Taajamaa, Xing Guo, Tomi Westerlund, Hannu Tenhunen and Tapio Salakoski

From the Printing Press to YouTube - Welcome to the World of Lecture 2.0

       Ron Hugo

How to Promote CDIO Reformation Successfully in Undergraduate Engineering Education?——A Case Study on the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology

       Wenli Guo, Bo Meng and Hongmei Jin

Implementation of CDIO Theory in Education of Industrial Design Students

       Yanqun Huang, Fang Bian, Qingsen Xie, Junyu Yang, Jutao Li and Zhongxia Xiang

Improvement of CDIO skills by using integrated curriculum architecture in Engineering Drawing

       Yan Shen and Ming Zhu

Improvement of Individual Learning and Instructor’s Role for Better Team Learning

       Le Thang Dong Tran, Minh Tung Dam and Chien Thang Nguyen

In Embry-Riddle the Capstone Project brings Closure to Structures

       Luis Gonzalez

Increasing Generic Engineering Competences Using Coaching and Personal Feedback

       Ivan H. H. Joergensen and Niels Marker-Villumsen

Innovative methods for entrepreneurship and leadership teaching in CDIO-based engineering education

       Charlotte Norrman, Dzamila Bienkowska, Magnus Moberg and Per Frankelius

Integrated Active Learning Implementation in CDIO Practical Course for Massive Population

       Min Chen, Mingyuan Xie and Dingyu Yang

Integrating Introduction to Engineering Lectures with a Robotics Lab

       Sebastian Gross and Joachim Schlosser

Integrating Multidisciplinary Engineering Projects with English on a Study Abroad Program

       Avinda Weerakoon, Nathan Dunbar and John Findlay

Integration of Different Competences in a Group Project in a Basic Course in Mechanics in Mechanical Engineering

       Sune Olsson, Björn Gross, Fia Börjesson and Carl Johan Carlsson

Interactive oral assessment supporting active learning

       Anette Karltun and Johan Karltun

Interdisciplinary Project for Bachelor Engineering Program

       Oleg Rebrin, I.I. Sholina and S.A. Berestova

Interdisciplinary, International and Industrial Cooperation Efforts Within the Mechanical Engineering Department

       Mirka Kans, Valentina Haralanova and Samir Khoshaba

Introduction to Engineering – The Nanyang Polytechnic Experience

       Eng Siong Goh, Poh Ghee Lim and Chee Kiong Ang

Joint Context-Sharing Introductory Course for Four Different Master Programs

       Johan Karltun, Chris McIlroy and Lars Eriksson

Key factors affecting knowledge transfer success in CDIO project designation

       Wu Xiang, Qiuyan Gai, Minguan Xie, Qian Wu and Xi Wu

Learning Computer Programming in CDIO’s Team Settings

       Anh Phuong Pham, Duc Man Nguyen, Quoc Long Nguyen, Minh Thang Nguyen and Nguyen...  

Learning Through Challenges: Introducing Soft Skills to Freshman Engineering Students

       Juan Carlos Giraldo, Juan Manuel Cruz and Jairo Alberto Hurtado

Mathematics Background of Engineering Students in Northern Ireland and Finland

       Jonathan Cole, Charles McCartan, Raija Tuohi and Paula Steinby

Methodological Analysis of CDIO Papers

       Le Li and Jens Bennedsen

Mind the gap - teaching computer and compiler design in lockstep

       Edward Alexandru Todirica and Christian W Probst

Multidisciplinary Project: A CDIO Case Study at Taylor’s University

       Douglas Kum Tien Tong and Mohammad Taghi Hajibeigy

New Pedagogical Approaches in Mechanics Yield Increased Understanding and Learning Outcomes

       Chris Shiuan En Lee and Kim Seng Goh

Optimizing the Project Based Student Paths in Helsinki Metropolia UAS

       Heikki Valmu, Anssi Ikonen, Mikael Soini and Jari Olli

Peer-instruction and group-assessment in Algebra classes

       Eduarda Pinto Ferreira, Gabriela Gonçalves, Marisa Oliveira and Marta Ferreira

Post internship student-industry collaborative projects - as vehicle for the realization of challenging parts of the CDIO syllabus

       Lotte M. B. Jensen

Promoting Sustainable and Social Responsible Mindset Through a Transnational Programme Using the CDIO Framework

       Kim Fai Soh and Noel Kristian

Self-Evaluation Driven Recommendations for Planning Intensive Projects

       Antti K. Piironen, Juho Vesanen, Joseph Hotchkiss, Manfred G. Jungke, Robert...  

Sheridan Journey: Shaping Ideal Engineering Programs based on CDIO approach

       Jeff Zabudsky, Farzad Rayegani and Shaun Ghafari

Stakeholders' Evaluation of Learning Outcomes in Engineering Programs Improvement

       Elena Muratova and Marina Tayurskaya

Students' motivation and mobile learning experiences, case LUAS

       Minna Asplund

Study on CDIO Competency Model for Engineering Students with University-Enterprise Cooperation in Shantou University

       Nengsheng Bao, Guofen Liu, Xiaohua Lu, Qing Xiang and Jianhua Chen

Testing and deployment of software systems (in practice)

       Mads Nyborg and Stig Høgh

The Benefits of CDIO for ABET Preparation from a Hands-on Study in Vietnam

       Gia Nhu Nguyen, Nhat Tan Tran, Thanh Trung Nguyen and Duc Man Nguyen

The CDIO-Based Curricular Framework and Guidelines For An OBE Implementation

       Trinh Doan and Nghia Nguyen

The impact of students’ knowledge levels on the performances in Design-Build project groups

       Lars B. Jensen, Flemming Jessen and Pernille Hammar Andersson

The Real Gathering Storm: Instructional Short Circuits created by a Digital World

       Ron Hugo and Robert Brennan

The targeted training of the students enrolled in aeronautical programs

       Anatoliy Geraschenko and Aleksandr Efremov

Theme-based assessment of education in design and product development

       Martina Berglund, Vanja Pavlasevic, Torbjörn Andersson, Johan Hedbrant and Jonas Stålhand

This Teaching Practice Based on CDIO Engineering Education Reform Ideas

       Rong Shi, Xiaocong Ma, WenJuan Lu, Yukun Li and Xiaojuan Han

Using the CDIO Syllabus 2.0 to Assess Leadership Self-efficacy

       William A Lucas

Video MicroLectures: Simple to Make; Valued by Students

       Rick Sellens

Workshop at a company with students from two different disciplines

       Lennart Elmquist, Lars Eriksson and Fredrik Ekman




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