Designing Assessment For Learning: From Objectives To Evidence Of Learning

Designing Assessment For Learning: From Objectives To Evidence Of Learning

W. Boles (2012).  Designing Assessment For Learning: From Objectives To Evidence Of Learning . 1.


Assuring the quality and standards of the learning experience and outcomes for engineering students has international significance. The development of academic standards for higher education in Australia is consistenat with this renewed drive for excellence. 

This impacts not only on the design of engineering programs, but also on the preparation of academics to engage with these standards and implement them through their day-to-day teaching practice. It is therefore important to design assessments capable of providing concrete, observable, and measurable evidence of student learning. 

This workshop aims to assist engineering educators to: 

• Devise a systematic process for designing assessment focussing on evidence of learning, and 

• Demonstrate how the process can be practically used to design specific assessment items. Participants will gain insights into the principles of using assessment as a means for learning, and gain hands-on experience in systematically designing assessment items capable of providing evidence of learning. 

The Workshop is designed to be relevant to engineering academics at all levels, providing opportunities to interact with colleagues and to further their understanding of using assessment for learning, in practical ways. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be expected to nominate their own personal actions as a result of the discussions and activities. They will be encouraged to structure those actions as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely plans. 


Authors (New): 
Wageeh Boles
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Academic standards
assessment methods
learning outcomes
Evidence of learning
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