Designing a CDIO Final Year Project

Designing a CDIO Final Year Project

H. Huay, S. Pee (2007).  Designing a CDIO Final Year Project. 9.

In September 2006, the Singapore Polytechnic's management decided that the entire institution will adopt CDIO. This applies to more than 30 full-time diploma programs involving 12 000 students in 8 academic schools and 800 faculty members. All will be involved in implementing CDIO in their programs over the next few years. To assist in the implementation, a small cross disciplinary team was set up. This cross disciplinary team is headed by the Educational and Staff Development Department and comprised members from the academic schools.

The team's challenge was to propose a model for implementing the different CDIO principles within the existing curriculum framework. They promptly identified three CDIO projects that had to be addressed immediately. 

Proceedings of the 3rd International CDIO Conference, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 11-14, 2007

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Helene Leong-Wee Kwee Huay
S.H. Pee
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Design-Build Experience
CDIO Syllabus
CDIO Skills
CDIO Syllabus 
Situational Leadership (Blanchard Hersey) 
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