Experiences of the First Year Introductory Project in Metropolia

Experiences of the First Year Introductory Project in Metropolia

K. Schrey-Niemenmaa, A. Piironen (2017).   Experiences of the First Year Introductory Project in Metropolia. 7.

An introductory project in parallel with basic studies of mathematics, physics and electronics have been run on the second half of fall semester of electrical engineering degree programme. The learning outcomes are set to emphasize soft skills such as project management, team working, basic finance, time lining, marketing, and communications skills. In addition to those skills, CDIO ideas including the importance of engineering ethics and responsibility of the sustainable development are highlighted.

This project is using LEGO® Mindstorm robots as experiment tools. In the beginning the students are conceiving the challenge - how can they make customers happy with the available things. Secondly, they design and plan the products both the construction and functionality, including programming. Finally, the students operate the robot until it is cut into parts again and the box of materials returned. Surveys about the students feeling about learning are done - and encouraging results received.

As the construction and programming part of the project is considerably easy - the students are able to concentrate on the learning outcomes of project management - and still having fun. In the final competition of the robots one can easily recognize the joy of learning. In this paper the results of the learning outcome and student satisfaction surveys will be analysed and the development plans of the course explained.

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Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa
Antti K. Piironen
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Integrated curriculum
Introductory project
Active learning
CDIO Standard 3
CDIO standard 4
CDIO Standard 5
CDIO Standard 6
CDIO Standard 7
CDIO Standard 8
CDIO Standard 10
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