Explorative Evaluation of Courses in a New Bachelor Program

Explorative Evaluation of Courses in a New Bachelor Program

L. Petersen, B. Besenbacher, J. Tørresø (2011).  Explorative Evaluation of Courses in a New Bachelor Program. 9.

Many course evaluations tend to focus on teacher performance and whether students like or don’t like the course or the teacher.

An explorative evaluation method has been developed and tested. This method has emphasis on how and when students learn during a specific course and which learning activities enhance the learning.

This explorative evaluation method is closely connected to the course evaluated and is therefore meaningful for the students. The method has been tested on both interdisciplinary CDIO-projects and traditional introductory programming courses in the new Bachelor Program in Healthcare Technology at Engineering College of Aarhus.

This paper presents the method and the results from two evaluations of a programming course in first semester and two evaluations of an interdisciplinary CDIO-project course in third semester. The evaluations took place in January 2010 and January 2011.


Authors (New): 
Lene Häuser Petersen
Bente Besenbacher
Jesper Rosholm Tørresø
Aarhus University, Denmark
CDIO Standard 12
Explorative Evaluation
Course evaluation
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