Industry Linkages at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore: Translating Innovative Approaches into Action

Industry Linkages at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore: Translating Innovative Approaches into Action

A. de Roza (2010).  Industry Linkages at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore: Translating Innovative Approaches into Action. 13.

NYP leverages on its industry linkages to provide our students with relevant and realistic training in current and emerging technologies & best practices and to facilitate the capability development of our staff. In doing so, we also support industry in their R&D and product/services development efforts through collaborative projects.

Our approach for building strong industry linkages are (a) cultivate long term high value-added “win-win” partnerships with government and the private sector, (b) provide applied R&D platforms for collaborations to take place and (c) provide relevant Continuing Education and Training (CET) programmes that meet the upgrading needs of the industry. In NYP, industry project work is supported by the polytechnic, not just the individual staff. In this way, the best possible solution, typically involving cross-disciplinary expertise can usually be found and developed.

Since the project work is support by the total system capability of the polytechnic, industry would enjoy a one-stop service approach and a higher level of confidence on the delivery of the project outcomes, within the specified time, performance and cost requirements. NYP’s Teaching FactoryTM as a pedagogy has guided our curriculum development and the approaches in course design and delivery NYP adopts are project based learning, context based learning, and multi-disciplinary integrated programs.

Our innovative approaches to building strong partnerships with international and local partners through industry communities, centres of innovation, industry projects, applied R&D and incubators have also helped us to keep abreast with the latest in technology and knowledge and to feel the pulse of the industry, enabling us to continually tailor our training programmes to be relevant to the needs of industry and the nation. Our industry partners also provide real life industry projects that are developmental in nature for both staff and students.


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Angeline de Roza
Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
Industry linkages
Teaching Factory
industry projects
capability development
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