Using an Alumni Survey as a Tool for Program Evaluation

Using an Alumni Survey as a Tool for Program Evaluation

I. Wiklund, E. Lindblad, S. Gunnarsson (2005).  Using an Alumni Survey as a Tool for Program Evaluation. 8.

One part of the implementation of the CDIO concept at Linköping University is to develop and improve the tools for assessment of student knowledge and skills. As an assessment tool and as a quality management method at Linköping University the Balanced Scorecard is used. The method is also introduced as a CDIO assessment tool.

At program level, Linköping University uses three surveys to meet demands within the Balanced Scorecard. An Introduction survey for beginners, a satisfactory survey for students in the middle of the program and an alumni-survey for engineers who have taken their degrees 10 years ago and 2 years ago are used.

The satisfactory and the alumni surveys are developed and implemented during 2004- spring 2005.The alumni survey gives baseline knowledge of the engineer situation before the CDIO-concept and makes it possible to, within some years, evaluate the effects of the participation in the CDIO initiative.

Authors (New): 
Ingela Wiklund
E. Lindblad
Svante Gunnarsson
Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
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