Instructor Resource Materials

The CDIO Syllabus delineates numerous skills that students must acquire to become the engineering leaders of the future. To assist faculty in teaching these skills, the CDIO Initiative has created a series of Instructor Resource Modules, each linked to a CDIO Syllabus topic.

These teaching activities and resources aren't intended to be courses unto themselves; they're to be integrated into existing engineering courses. We encourage instructors to pick and choose elements suited to their needs and the needs of their students.

Instructor Resource Materials (IRMs) offer resources, teaching suggestions, and assessment tools in self-contained packages for specific CDIO skill areas. IRM users are undergraduate engineering instructors throughout the world.

Currently there are four categories within which IRMs are being developed:

Most IRMs include the following components:

  • Introduction
  • Teaching ideas: Brief descriptions of teaching approaches or methods, these ideas may help you generate your own ideas for teaching a topic to your students
  • Teaching activities
  • Resources
  • Examples

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